Paver Sealing & Pressure Washing

Why Is It Important to Seal Your Pavers

Pavers are porous. Unsealed pavers absorb water creating a good environment for mildew & mold growth and they readily absorb substances such as grease & oil. Over time the sun’s harmful UV rays breakdown pavers leaving them with a faded, dull, and deteriorated look.
Restore Beauty and Color & Shield from Natural Elements
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Restore the Color & Beauty of Your Pavers

Restoring the rich color & beauty of your pavers greatly improve your home’s appeal as well as protecting and extending the life of the pavers.

Over time pavers can become dirty, dull, faded, and have weeds that grow between them. Our paver sealing & exterior cleaning company has the proper equipment and experience to make them look like new. Knowing the facts helps to make the proper decision as to the type of products best suited for the job. We consider several aspects of your natural stone:

  • What type of stone do you have?
  • Are the stones dense or porous?
  • How long has it been since they were installed?

Using eco-friendly products, our experts can restore the rich and luxurious look to your central Florida home’s stone surfaces.

Should All Concrete Pavers Be Sealed?

Yes. Concrete is porous and will absorb stains if not sealed. Sealants can also protect pavers from color fading due to sunlight.

Paver Sealing

Driveways, Walkways & Sidewalks

Pool Deck

Customer Reviews

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I highly recommend Seaside Sealer & Pressure Washing! Don and team did an amazing job on the driveway and pool pavers. 20 year old pavers now look brand new! Don is very polite and detailed. Thanks again for the wonderful service of cleaning and sealing! Professional and excellent quality work
Carol Gabica
Will use them again
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I am so very pleased with the quality of the work they performed on my driveway. The pavers absolutely shine and look 100% better than before they were sealed. Their representative was extremely polite and made sure that I was kept informed of his progress. He consulted me on the steps he took and made sure that I was satisfied.
Lynn Bohn
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Don and Heather were such a pleasure to work with! They quoted a very fair price for power wash and seal and my pavers look amazing! Will definitely use them again!
James Carpenter
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Unbelievable results, very polite scheduling and accommodation around schedules. Totally cleaned and sealed pool area, looks BRAND NEW. Driveway is power washed but not sealed yet as we are absorbing a big UCF tuition right now, Would highly recommend
Tim C
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Don and his team did a phenomenal job! This veteran owned team were extremely professional, flexible, timely and prices are very reasonable. They made my 17 year old paver driveway & sidewalk look like new, as well as my pool deck and screen enclosure. Could not ask for anything better. They have all my future pressure washing business from now on!
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