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What Causes Problems in your Pipe?

No matter which way you cut it, even the most well-cared-for plumbing systems will eventually encounter problems. Over time, piping systems can become worn, cracked, corroded, blocked, and clogged for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

Corrosion, or the wearing of pipe material, is the result of three interactive factors: the material your pipes are made out of, the environment that your pipes are in, and how often you use your plumbing. If the conditions are just right, your pipeline may crack as a result of corrosive stress.

Some common and corrosive combinations of environmental factors and pipe material include: aluminum and seawater, copper and ammonia vapor, lead and lead acetate, or steel and sodium nitrate. These combinations are indexed and noted, so prevention is possible simply by being more informed. However, simple, repetitive use can add to corrosion over time.

The plumbing in your Florida home is designed to last for decades. Even with the best of materials, the pipes inside your home won’t last forever. Over the decades, man-made and environmental issues will begin to cause corrosion and deterioration. When it comes to understanding old pipe repair, no one offers better quality work than Pro-Tech. Our team of professionally trained technicians will inspect your plumbing and evaluate the best way to make repairs or replace your old pipes.

Clogged pipes alter water pressure, cause drains to spill over, and ultimately obstruct the utilization of your water appliances. Knowing your pipes and some basic prevention methods can help keep your plumbing bills low and your pipes free-flowing.

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