Screen & Patio Enclosures

Keep Your Screen & Patio Enclosure Clean and Safe

Homeowners all over the Brevard County area have trusted us to help keep their screen and patio enclosures clean and sanitized with our pressure and soft washing services.

Seaside Sealer & Pressure Washing LLC has the right tools and the experience to understand what your specific enclosure needs. Even with your patio enclosed, it can still get exposure from the elements and over time will require a good cleaning.

We can also help by sealing your bare paver stone patio to give it extra protection from the sun and foot traffic. Give us a call today, and we will inspect your patio. We will then discuss its unique needs and develop a cleaning plan.

Trusted Pressure Cleaning and Sealing Services for Your Enclosure

Having a professional clean your screen and patio enclosure ensures you won’t cause any additional damage by using the wrong equipment or potentially harmful chemicals that can flare respiratory problems.

Once we give your enclosure a thorough inspection, we will decide the type of pressure washing equipment to use and how to seal it to prevent mold and mildew from returning properly. We can also remove any plants which may have grown up through the cracks.

We use the industry-leading and environmentally-friendly products to keep you and your enclosure safe. No matter the materials to create your enclosure, we have a solution to get it cleaned.

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Seal Your Screen & Patio Enclosure for Added Protection

If you have a paver stone floor in your enclosure, adding a sealant gives it extra protection.

If left unattended, you could need repairs more often and could even need to replace them after only a few years. While carpets can help, they still won’t protect your floor from weeds growing through an opening in the floor or potential spills. Sealant has the potential to add years to your flooring life, saving you money from a premature replacement.

We offer free estimates on all the cleaning sealant services we perform.